Monthly Archives: July 2012

Not so scary anymore…

I have been chugging through the Appcelerator Titanium Cookbook still and have to say that it is getting a little less scary. So far I have worked through 5 app tutorials. They include an RSS feed recipe finder, a photo/audio/video gallery, a mapping app and finally one that allows you to send photos directly to email, Facebook and Twitter.

Tutorial Apps

Unfortunately, there are a few mistakes in the book’s code, so it is a bit slow going. However, I think trying to work through the issues has really helped me to understand the coding better. I still need to go through the code on these apps at some point and correct some functionality issues. That said, building what I’ve been able to so far has really given me a good understanding about the possibilities in development and the general function behind them. Once I start the actual build of my own project, I don’t think it will be too difficult to go back and apply everything I have learned.

I have several more chapters to work on, including one for animations which I am really looking forward to. I also plan to watch some of the tutorial videos at:

Things otherwise have been going fairly smoothly. After much deliberation I decided to focus on my current work and only take one class in the fall. I have a lot of classes to finish but I figure I will be fine as long as I keep going, one class at a time. This fall it will be ACC 711: Managerial Accounting.


Hope to have some time to work on some illustration this week… maybe even some for my app project. Can’t wait to get to the fun stuff!

5 more minutes

I’m feeling a bit overcommitted this week. Fortunately, I tend to do my best work when stressed… so hopefully it will work to my advantage. I am working on my portfolio, my picture book manuscript, a few revisions, research for my app project, learning the development side of my app project… add in an active toddler, swim lessons, and summer library programs and you have one busy mommy.

That all said, my late nights at my computer have been fun. I have new challenges ahead of me and a fancy new laptop to do them on. All I need is a little more time. As Collin likes to say “5 more minutes Pleeeeeze…”

THAT said, I started looking at my transcripts the other day and realized that I really need to start school again. I took a break from my MBA program to focus on other things (and save money we didn’t have). Now I am in a position to start losing credits if I don’t get back on track. I spoke to my advisor this week and he highly advised me to take two classes in the fall… Accounting AND Quantitative Methods in Business Decision Making. Lots of math. Eeew.

I’m still trying to decide whether two classes would be an insane decision on my part. For one, we really can’t afford it financially. For two… I don’t think I could hang. Again… I just need more time.

I will have to make my decision this week so I can get enrollment completed in time. However, tonight I am going to sit down with a glass of Pinot Noir and enjoy some time with my family. I’ll be back in my office tonight burning the midnight oil… and loving every second. Hopefully Collin decides to sleep in tomorrow morning. I’ll need it.


Just can’t leave it alone

Jellyfish swim

I’ve been having so much fun with this piece that I had trouble leaving it alone. With some critiques from some friends and a bit of my own fussiness I think it is finally done. I’m really happy with this one and I’m excited to get started on more digital work. Enjoy!