Monthly Archives: February 2012

Character Design…

Right now I am in the Character Design phase of the KidLitArt Picture Book Dummy challenge. I sent my manuscript off to be edited by a couple of friends and I’m nervously waiting for their suggestions. The prose has already gone through 3-4 revisions so hopefully there won’t be TOO many red marks.

In the meantime I have begun diving into the research. This book will be filled with costumes from around the world… can-can dresses, kimonos, harem pants and grass skirts. There’s going to be a lot of fabric, a lot of movement, a lot of embellishment… so fun! I hope to start working on the storyboard this weekend and will probably spend at least one day at Panera sketching this week… I’ll be the one in the back… jamming out to iTunes and covered in pencil smudges.

Finished my report!

This is how I feel now that I finished my Annual Report project for work (all 40 pages of it) and can FINALLY get back to my picture book dummies. I can’t wait till I can pay my bills doing kids art full time.

Note: Click on the picture to see the YouTube video of the Pedigree Commercial this was taken from. You won’t be disappointed… I PROMISE!

An unlikely pair…

Our friends said we’re a silly pair,
with my big, round butt and your poufy hair.
But, we found the rhythm and together we twirled,
as we began our dance around the world.

I had every intention of letting Susanna Leonard Hill’s Valentines Day Contest be the impetus I needed to finish this picture book manuscript. It has been bumping around in my head for some time. Her contest challenge was to write a story on “unlikely Valentines” in under 200 words. Well… it doesn’t get much more unlikely than this I would say…

Obviously my entry is incomplete, but I just had to share it for the sake of entertainment. Unfortunately, a work project got in the way this weekend and I was unable to give this story the time that it deserves. I will continue working on it over the next few months and will keep everyone updated on my progress though!