Monthly Archives: April 2011

Concept sketch…

I’m working on some concepts for my next illustration today. I hope to have it down on paper and ready to color by this evening… but I’m just enjoying the process for now.

A little sneek peek!

Illustration Friday: Bicycle

In my illustration, I often struggle with technical elements like machinery and buildings. I prefer more organic and subjective forms. Because of this, I found this week’s Illustration Friday topic to be a huge challenge… as well as a great opportunity to push myself. There aren’t many creative interpretations one can make for the WORD bicycle… it is what it is. So, when developing my concept I had to consider the use of the object instead.

Most interpretations of the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood depict her walking through the woods to grandma’s  house. Obviously there are much more efficient ways for her to get there… riding her bicycle for example. (Click image to enlarge)

I hope you enjoy this illustration of Red riding! As always, constructive criticism welcome and encouraged!

Update on IF:Bottled

For the last few days I have been working on the illustration which I started last week for Illustration Friday. The topic for the week was “bottled” and I had posted a sketch of a witch and her bottles of potion as a glimpse into where the piece was headed.

I am happy to say that the piece is done… and a little saddened by it as well. The intricacy of the sketch was just what I needed to get my mind away from my “goal list” and to begin focusing on the process. I enjoyed working on this piece immensely… and am happy to say that I feel like my passion for art is slowly returning. The fact that I have been living my life without this outlet for some many years now is a bit confusing to me now. I’m just happy that it didn’t take me any longer to figure out what was missing. I’m definately looking forward to the next few months and what they hold in store.

I hope you enjoy the illustration half as much as I enjoyed creating it!