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Illustration Friday: Swarm

When this week’s IF topic was delivered to my inbox, I could barely wait to find out what the word was. I made a New Year’s resolution in January to complete at least one illustration per week this year, and I imagine Illustration Friday will be the inspiration behind a lot of them. (I’ve gotten a bit of a late start due to a major freelancing job I was wrapping up, but I plan to complete two a week until I am caught up again.)

Seeing the word swarm immediately brought to mind visions of beehives and bears. However, I’m generally not the type to follow my first reaction when it comes to concept development. My love of nursery rhymes eventually took over…

Yes… a whole SWARM of blackbirds were baked into that pie!

IF: Swarm

Obviously this is still a work in progress. Setting up a new domain and  blog to share it with you took some time out of my week – but I wanted to post it in time for a few people to enjoy it before Friday. I promise to share the completed version with you again once it is done.

Enjoy… constructive criticism always welcome!!!

Knock, Knock…

Who’s there?
It’s me… Andi. Welcome to my new blog!

Years ago, I graduated with a degree in illustration and dreams of becoming a professional freelancer. Since then, life has taken a lot of twists and turns… including a new city, marriage and mommyhood.

During those years, I’ve dabbled in illustration just enough to convince myself that I haven’t let go of my dreams. I’ve had a couple art shows, attended a few conferences and sporadically worked on my portfolio. However, I continually find myself falling back into comfortable positions doing marketing, web design and graphics. Those jobs are still creative… right? 

I know that my true passion has always been more about paintbrushes than html codes though. Family and friends have been pestering encouraging me to try my hand at children’s illustration for years. This year, I’ve decided to take their advice, put on my “big girl” pants and make a true effort.

As the saying goes… Creativity takes courage.
I’m putting my brave boots on today.