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An unlikely pair…

Our friends said we’re a silly pair,
with my big, round butt and your poufy hair.
But, we found the rhythm and together we twirled,
as we began our dance around the world.

I had every intention of letting Susanna Leonard Hill’s Valentines Day Contest be the impetus I needed to finish this picture book manuscript. It has been bumping around in my head for some time. Her contest challenge was to write a story on “unlikely Valentines” in under 200 words. Well… it doesn’t get much more unlikely than this I would say…

Obviously my entry is incomplete, but I just had to share it for the sake of entertainment. Unfortunately, a work project got in the way this weekend and I was unable to give this story the time that it deserves. I will continue working on it over the next few months and will keep everyone updated on my progress though!