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Not so scary anymore…

I have been chugging through the Appcelerator Titanium Cookbook still and have to say that it is getting a little less scary. So far I have worked through 5 app tutorials. They include an RSS feed recipe finder, a photo/audio/video gallery, a mapping app and finally one that allows you to send photos directly to email, Facebook and Twitter.

Tutorial Apps

Unfortunately, there are a few mistakes in the book’s code, so it is a bit slow going. However, I think trying to work through the issues has really helped me to understand the coding better. I still need to go through the code on these apps at some point and correct some functionality issues. That said, building what I’ve been able to so far has really given me a good understanding about the possibilities in development and the general function behind them. Once I start the actual build of my own project, I don’t think it will be too difficult to go back and apply everything I have learned.

I have several more chapters to work on, including one for animations which I am really looking forward to. I also plan to watch some of the tutorial videos at:

Things otherwise have been going fairly smoothly. After much deliberation I decided to focus on my current work and only take one class in the fall. I have a lot of classes to finish but I figure I will be fine as long as I keep going, one class at a time. This fall it will be ACC 711: Managerial Accounting.


Hope to have some time to work on some illustration this week… maybe even some for my app project. Can’t wait to get to the fun stuff!

Illustration Friday and App #1

I’ve abandoned my art for way too long so today I decided to set aside the work on my app a bit and participate in Illustration Friday. The word this week is “Suspend”… which got me to thinking about things that hover. Nothing is more beautiful (or dangerous) than a jellyfish suspended in the waves of the sea. This week my son started swim lessons and we began planning our vacation… so maybe the beach is on my mind.

I plan to color this digitally. I feel ashamed to admit that I haven’t done any artwork on my Wacom since I finished the illustration of the Gods in January. It’s about time I get back at it… and I’m truly excited about this one!

I finished the Chapter 1 tutorial of the Titanium Cookbook last night and built my first app. They walk you through most of the build, so it wasn’t a HUGE accomplishment. However, there were a couple errors I had to work through and I’m happy to say that I understand all of the code I’ve done so far.

Titanium LoanCalc Tutorial

NOTE: For anyone who might be following the Titanium Cookbook along with me, there was a big mistake made in Recipe 10 of Chapter 1. After hours of troubleshooting an error code, I did some online searches and found that the chart.js file for Raphael was left out of the book’s download package. The missing file can be downloaded directly at

Learning… and buying shiny toys

My MacBook Pro

This past week has been an interesting adventure. The Mac Mini that I had ordered finally arrived and I quickly began to set things up and install the software I needed for the app development. I ran into setback after setback in the process. First, I learned that you needed to have a paid Apple Developer account to get a version of Xcode to run on the Snow Leopard operating system. Knowing I would need it later to sell the app, I begrudgingly paid the fee and continued installing.

After two long days of installation and troubleshooting it appeared that I could start development. I started working through Chapter 1 of the Titanium Cookbook (that I discussed in my last post). After a bit of code, I launched the iPhone simulator…. and nothing happened. I tried the Android Emulator… nothing.

6 hours of troubleshooting ensued. At 5am I finally came to the conclusion that the problem was a memory issue (or lack thereof). My Mac Mini only had a total of 2GB of memory and some random installation instructions I found suggested that you would need much more than that to run Titanium Studio.

I went to bed… exhausted and defeated.

Yesterday I had a long talk with my husband and we decided it was time to upgrade my computer anyways. We headed to Best Buy and decided on the new MacBook Pro with retina display. OF COURSE it was out of stock. We began calling other stores and quickly learned what a hot item they are right now. Luckily we were able to locate one in Rogers, Arkansas. We paid for it over the phone and went to pick it up this morning.

As soon as we got home I plugged it in and began setup and installation. A couple hours later I had Titanium installed and all the simulators were working perfectly.

I know that there are probably a lot of people out there who can work through all the bugs to get the program running on an older machine. I’ve even heard of people who have reconfigured their Operating Systems to do iApp development on a PC. In the end it wasn’t worth the hassle to me. Sometimes it just helps to have the right tools.

I installed my Wacom and Photoshop tonight and I plan to start working through a few more chapters in the cookbook tomorrow. I can hardly wait.