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Illustration Friday: Pointy


This piece obviously isn't done. I'm loving where it is headed and I DO plan on finishing it. I just wanted to share it before we all move onto the next word. Appreciate your feedback!

Shifting Priorities…

I have abandoned this blog several times. Unfortunately, life has shifted my focus away from my art at times. In some ways, I probably haven't made enough of an effort to change that. Regardless, the time has been well spent.

This past year, my priorities were turned to the birth of my daughter and raising our two beautiful kids. I am constantly inspired by the joy and laughter that Collin and Elaine bring to our home. I know that these years and all the little moments we shared will have a huge impact on the work I create in the future.


To be fair, it isn't always pretty. Many days I don't even get a shower until my husband comes home. Despite this, I know the sleepless nights, PTO meetings, swim lessons and chaotic trips to the grocery store will continue to influence who I become as a writer and illustrator. I'm sure of it.


I'm still freelancing and have recently completed several large design projects which I may share over coming weeks. To add even more to the table, our family is currently in the process of building a new home. All these things make sitting down to sketch difficult. They make finding time to write nearly impossible. But I'm going to figure out how to do it somehow. 

No more excuses.

I have a few new characters to bring to life… and they're getting a bit anxious for their stories to be told. 

Character Design…

Right now I am in the Character Design phase of the KidLitArt Picture Book Dummy challenge. I sent my manuscript off to be edited by a couple of friends and I’m nervously waiting for their suggestions. The prose has already gone through 3-4 revisions so hopefully there won’t be TOO many red marks.

In the meantime I have begun diving into the research. This book will be filled with costumes from around the world… can-can dresses, kimonos, harem pants and grass skirts. There’s going to be a lot of fabric, a lot of movement, a lot of embellishment… so fun! I hope to start working on the storyboard this weekend and will probably spend at least one day at Panera sketching this week… I’ll be the one in the back… jamming out to iTunes and covered in pencil smudges.