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Illustration Friday and App #1

I’ve abandoned my art for way too long so today I decided to set aside the work on my app a bit and participate in Illustration Friday. The word this week is “Suspend”… which got me to thinking about things that hover. Nothing is more beautiful (or dangerous) than a jellyfish suspended in the waves of the sea. This week my son started swim lessons and we began planning our vacation… so maybe the beach is on my mind.

I plan to color this digitally. I feel ashamed to admit that I haven’t done any artwork on my Wacom since I finished the illustration of the Gods in January. It’s about time I get back at it… and I’m truly excited about this one!

I finished the Chapter 1 tutorial of the Titanium Cookbook last night and built my first app. They walk you through most of the build, so it wasn’t a HUGE accomplishment. However, there were a couple errors I had to work through and I’m happy to say that I understand all of the code I’ve done so far.

Titanium LoanCalc Tutorial

NOTE: For anyone who might be following the Titanium Cookbook along with me, there was a big mistake made in Recipe 10 of Chapter 1. After hours of troubleshooting an error code, I did some online searches and found that the chart.js file for Raphael was left out of the book’s download package. The missing file can be downloaded directly at

Dragon Magic…


Some time ago I started piece for Illustration Friday. The prompt word was “beginner” and I imagined this quirky little dragon at his first magic lesson. I have all sorts of stories in my head about his adventures. I hope someday I can share more of them with you.

This week I’ve been working a lot on my conference mentorship piece with illustrator Michael Austin. The assignment he gave us was to create an image based on the theme, “Launch”. I have really enjoyed working with him so far and feel that he has really made me think of ways to push my concepts even furthur than I am already. Since other illustrators are working on the same assignment I don’t want to post the piece before I go to Atlanta… However, after the conference I look forward to sharing the illustration process as his mentoree.  It’s been a great and I know you will enjoy the result.

Illustration Progress…

I’ve been working on a couple of my unfinished illustrations this week and I hope to wrap them up over the next couple of days.

The dragon sketch I was working on before has evolved quite a bit… and I am really excited about where it is going. Sometimes my illustrations start to develop into story ideas and this one is beginning to build quite a tale in my mind. I had planned to turn at least one of my characters into a series of illustrations to show that I can depict consistent characters throughout text… this just might be the one to start with.


I’ve also laid in a bit more background on the safari piece I was working on previously. However, I hit a wall and had to set it to the side. I need to go back in and add the grasses and texture to finish it out… but I’ve been waiting on a bit of inspiration to strike for that one. Hopefully it will come soon.